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June 15 – 10:00 UTC 0.04 ETH

MillionaireIs a special membership NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. It grants special access to member-specific features. These can be activated through reaching milestones on the roadmap, each sale counts towards the roadmap activation!

Buying a MillionaireIs Wrapped Pass costs 0.04 ETH. No price tiers, no ponzi schemes, everyone is equal here. Once the first round of sales is over the Wrapped Pass will be unwrapped.

Benefits and offerings will increase over time, with new additions at every roadmap and the villa growing larger each time. The images below represent the state of the benefit, once a benefit is released the accompanying art-piece will be fully complete.

Every milestone will be worked on once the goal is reached, of course we’re doing some prep to make sure everything foes smoothly but for the most part we will work on the goal after a target has been reached.

10% – 100 fully unique Companion NFTs will be made for the ride

40% – The Youtube channel will go live with 2 3 hour beats to lounge to

60% – The Shed will be upgraded into the second Villa to accommodate for more people

75% – 900 more fully unique Companion NFTs will be made for the villa

100% – Eldritch NFTs (NFT Breeding) will descend onto the villa


June 15
10:00 - 17:00 UTC
0.04 ETH